Columbia River Gorge Discovered

JCP0188 Join me year round for private or small private group tours through the Columbia River Gorge. We’ll photograph everything from The Vista House overlook, to the Columbia Hills State Park, and everything in between. We'll explore everything the gorge has to offer. Having one of the largest groupings of waterfalls in such close proximity to one another really is a photographic goldmine. We'll explore forests and streams loaded with deep rich greens during the spring and beautiful yellow and gold color during the fall. In the winter, the gorge takes on a whole new and mysterious feel as it becomes ultra-saturated, foggy, and sometimes even icy. In early spring the eastern part of the gorge exploJCP0204 des in huge blooms of lupine and balsam root. Let me help you tailor your trip through this incredible part of the Pacific Northwest. Whether you want to shoot the well-known waterfalls or get off trail and do some real exploring, let me guide you through this beautiful place.
The workshops are kept small and personal with my goal being that you get the attention you need. I enjoy teaching and showing people the things I've learned. I want folks to see and experience the wilderness as I do. Having a small group sizes makes this easier and a much more enjoyable experience.

The workshop will include as many days of photography and post processing instruction as you want. During that time we'll discuss and practice many different ways to shoot the various scenes we encounter to maximize the beauty of the scene in the field. On breaks from the field, whether at the hotel or restaurants we will go over post processing using the latest Adobe Photoshop. I'll show you how I create the images I do and help you create a smooth and productive workflow so you are able to capture and process what truly inspires you.

Cost - $350 per day per person

Deposit - $150

Maximum of 4 persons.