Introduction To Digital Photography and Photoshop


JCP0053 Starting the journey into digital photography can be a frustrating path. Let me help take the frustration out of the technical aspect of photography, so you can truly capture what inspires you.

Instruction will be tailored to meet your specific needs. If you’ve just purchased a camera and know nothing about photography, I’ll explain and show you how to use the manual functions of your camera and get you out of the auto modes. This will open up a whole new world of creativity for you. I’ll help you develop an understanding of shooting in RAW, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and understanding the histogram. I’ll show you how to bracket your shots so you are sure to capture the full dynamic range of “that moment”. We’ll discuss and practice with compositions and how to simplify a scene down to its’ unique qualities. We’ll talk about how to handle and shoot in different lighting situations. Lastly, I’ll go over post-production using Adobe Photoshop and what it takes to make your images come to life and evoke emotion….to inspire.
If you are already comfortable in manual mode and just need help working through certain areas I will design your day to meet your goals. For example, we can work on shooting waterfalls, macro photography or how to shoot and blend two images together to create a more dynamic range and also for DOF (depth of field). I will teach you powerful and effective methods of using Photoshop, such as, how to color correct an image, use of layers, curves, levels, masks, luminosity masks, and sharpening to get the most impact out of your images.

Itinerary can be as flexible as needed. We can meet anywhere you would like to shoot within a short drive from Portland/Vancouver area. After a morning shoot (3-5 hours), we’ll work on processing those images we captured (3-5 hours). This can be adjusted as needed. If we get done shooting early, we can head in earlier and get more time in on processing. My goal is to tailor this workshop in a way that sets you up to achieve the goals you have for your photography.


Cost - $300
Contact me for scheduling.