Private Online Photoshop Lessons


I now offer private online Photoshop lessons via Skype. By using Skype, it allows me to share my screen with you and also for us to chat about the lesson. You'll be able to see exactly where my cursor goes and what I do to be able to create the images I do. Whether it is the grandest of landscapes to the smallest flowers, I can show you how to process an image to match the vision you had when you captured it.  We can go over everything from image capture, taking an image through Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw(ACR) and into Photoshop to complete an image and then to printing or web output. If you are totally new to Photoshop and the basics are what you are looking for, I can help you become more confident in Photoshop without having to know everything the vast program has to offer. For a seasoned photographer who is wanting to learn a more technical approach to processing, we can discuss and focus our work more towards the use of luminosity masks, selections, depth of field blending, exposure blending, etc... 

Skype account is required, it's free.

I recommend having a good microphone, either a desktop or headset type would work, so we can communicate effectively during the lesson.  Also a fast internet connection will greatly improve the video quality during the session. 




Cost - $75 per hour

To schedule or discuss please contact me.